SEO Lincoln - Proven Performance and ROI

Thor Digital is a local, Lincoln SEO agency, that has the SEO strategy to get your website to the top of Google and other search engines.

Our goal is to get your site into the top three for multiple search terms, getting free organic traffic 24 hours a day.

We pride ourselves on our long term relationships with clients and we can prove the performance of our SEO work.

Why Is Search Engine Optimisation So Important?

The majority of clicks on the first page of Google go to the top three listings. In fact 24.7% of all clicks go to the top listing alone.

It just like the Olympics, the top three get all the glory.

So, if your business is not in the top three positions for multiple keywords or search terms then you need to invest in SEO.

Please remember.

If internet users are going to Google or any other Search Engines to look for the product or service you offer, but are not ring or buying from you, then they are buying or using your competitors service.

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Do It Yourself SEO Campaign

If money is tight, then you should look into doing your own SEO. I strongly recommend looking at and mastering the following three areas:

Use Youtube to guide you on each area, you’ll save a lot of money, but it will take up the majority of your time.

If you do not have the time or the patience to learn a new skill, then maybe our SEO service will be of use to you.

SEO Services

Our service is designed to put your website in front of your businesses target audience. We’ll find relevant keywords for your business, write optimised content that Google loves and converts customers.

Our services include:

  1. Fix errors found on a audit
  2. Keyword research
  3. Write Optimised Content – On Page SEO
  4. Re-writing page titles
  5. Off Page SEO including business listings and link building
  6. Targeted internal linking

Our speciality is taking underperforming web pages and getting them to rank highly in the organic rankings for any particular keyword.

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Local SEO

If you are searching for SEO Lincoln, then there is a good chance you are Interested in local SEO. Meaning you are a business that either sells or provides a service to the local area.

If you need to improve your businesses online presence in your local town or city, then we have dedicated SEO campaigns just or that.

Google My Business

Google gives every business a free account, called Google My Business (GMB). It’s the most important business listing to have, especially if you are a service provider, such as a locksmith, plumber, electrician, or wealth manager.

If you do not have one you can create one within 5 minutes. Click here to get started.

What's the significance Of The Google My Business Account?

Location, location location. For local search results, Google will show the top three Google My Business accounts right beneath Google Ads but above the organic rankings. The top three listings are significantly larger and have a direct call capability.

Being listed in the top three of the GMB rankings for multiple relevant keywords will get the phone to ring. For local Search Engine Optimisation Your Google My Business account must be at the heart of your online marketing.

This does not apply to national SEO, but it is worth optimising your GMB account, as it will show when a user searches for your business.

SEO Experts in Lincoln
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National SEO

If your business is competing for the national search engine results, then you may need a wider digital marketing strategy. SEO should be the corner stone, but you may need to consider PPC Management or social ads.

Free SEO Audit - We Do Not Do Them

A free SEO audit isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. It will be an auto generated report from an industry related software program, offering you little insight.

A well crafted report takes 8-10 hours of analysing data from multiple sources such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The real value comes with recommendations laid out in priority order based what will have the greatest effect first.

Contact The SEO Specialist

Whether you are looking for a SEO expertS or SEO consultants (they are the same thing), then please get in contact. We are a genuine Lincolnshire SEO agency, based in Lincoln.

We are not a full spectrum digital marketing agency, as we focus on SEO and Pay Per Click. However, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency then we’ll happily point you in the right direction.

We may actually not be suitable for you but we will not know until you get in contact.

Top Tip for Success

Success leaves clues. Look at other websites in the top 5 results in the search engine results page for your relevant keywords. Look at the following and take the mean average of the following:

  1. Word count
  2. Number headings
  3. Amount of images
  4. The number of paragraphs
  5. Look at bold words in the meta data/meta description