SEO Copywriting Service - Content That Google Loves & Converts Visitors

Are you disappointed with your current Google or Bing rankings?

Would you like your website to convert more visitors into paying customers?

Or do you have a new site that requires website copy, is loved by the search engines and turns user interest into action?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above, then please get in contact.

There Are Two Critical Results Your Website Must Achieve

It’s simple. Your website needs to rank highly in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), allowing searchers to find your website quickly and increase traffic, with purchasing intent to your site.

The sweet spot is in positions first to third, as those positions gain the most clicks.

Being at the bottom of page 1 of Google Search isn’t good enough.

The role of any Digital Marketing Agency offering Search Engine Optimisation is to get you into positions 1 – 3.

Once users have found your site in the search results, the words, tone and language on your web page (blog posts) should compel your target audience to take action.

An understanding all copywriters have and a process used in your ads and social media content strategy.

With our knowledge and experience, we can improve your search rankings and conversions.

Our SEO Copywriting Services

Our copywriter services are specifically aimed at brands requiring leads, phone calls or emails from search engines, such as Google and Bing.

Here are some examples of our services:

  • Product descriptions for e-commerce sites.
  • SEO content for a landing page or pages.
  • Ad copy for Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Company service pages
  • Research search phrases (keywords)
  • Create a content plan for your blogs
  • Identify appropriate industry-relevant links for your website

Our content writing services are designed to convert readers into customers and rank highly in search engines.

With one caveat, writing quality content for advertising is purely focused on getting the reader to take action. With adverts, we are less worried about SEO copy.

Like all businesses in the 21st century, we remain flexible. So, if there is a service you require but isn’t listed above, then please get in contact. You can get in touch through our contact page, email, telephone or LinkedIn.

Company's 10 Basic Rules For Writing Copy That Sells

  1. Know the audiences.
  2. Understand the product or company service.
  3. Identify the principal selling position.
  4. Focus on the benefits or solution and not the product or service.
  5. Use active words rather than passive.
  6. Don’t be afraid to use short sentences.
  7. Use formats that promote.
  8. The design offers to sell.
  9. Tell your reader what to do through CTAs – Call To Actions
  10. Tout your name.


Would you please avoid spelling and grammar mistakes? Use a software tool, such as Grammarly, to catch any silly errors.

What's Our Process

I will walk you through our process as if you were launching a brand new website or advertisement campaign from scratch.

If your business already has a website, then we can skip some steps and make evidence-based decisions on the data available.

Our SEO copywriter prioritises user experience above everything.

Step 1. You and I need to have a candid conversation. I will ask you questions to establish your current position and what information you have already discovered. It will help avoid any duplicated effort.

Questions such as,

What keyword research, word count and competitor analysis have been done?

If you haven’t, then we can do it for you.

What type of content do you require? Are we writing articles, product descriptions or general website content?

Is there a tight turnaround or deadline?

Step 2. Our UK based SEO copywriters spring into action.

Step 3. We deliver the content on time, keeping to our promises.

We value and genuinely care about our clients and want to make a positive impact on their business, so we heavily focus a lot on step 1.

We are flexible and will allow changes after the start of a project, but it will have an impact on the agreed rates.