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Are you searching for a Lincolnshire SEO Agency? Allow me to introduce to you Thor Digital, a digital marketing Agency that specialises in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

If your business requires more leads, more customers from your target audience, then get in contact today. Our tested SEO methods can be tailored to your business requirements and can supplement your current online marketing strategy.

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO services aims to help companies and organisations rank their websites higher in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to increase traffic and sales. SEO can also be used to ensure that users spend more time on a webpage and click through to other pages of the website.

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These Are The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation

There are two main benefits of SEO.

Increased Website Visibility Leading To Increased Visits

The majority of search engine users click on the top three search results. A successfully executed SEO campaign will get your website into the top three for multiple search terms.

This will increase the traffic from your ideal audience to your website.

Converting Visits Into Paying Customers or Clients

The increase in traffic to the site should lead to more conversions. Providing the web design is on point, with beautifully crafted copywriting, you’ll increase your sales and or phone calls.

You will make more money for your business.

Which Businesses Require Search Engine Optimisation?

If your website is not in the top three ranking positions for all the relevant searches for your business type, on Google’s search engine results pages – then you need to talk to an experienced SEO company.

A well thought through and executed SEO strategy integrated into your digital campaigns will help you achieve your business objectives.

Having a strong online presence, especially where your ideal audience is, can be the difference between success and making ends meet.

Google My Business Is The Priority For Localised SEO Services

For localised searches, Google’s first page is broken into three distinct areas:

  1. Google Ads – The very top of Google taking up the first four positions as they are paid ads.
  2. Google My Business (GMB)- A free business profile that google gives you.
  3. Organic Listings

For Lincolnshire businesses, their business SEO efforts should be focused around Google My Business and the organic listings. Even for companies that operate at the national and internal level, an optimised Google my Business account is import for brand awareness and consistency.

Google Adwords are great but they are pay to play and once you stop paying, you disappear. However, with Google My Business and the organic listings, you don’t. You website will provide with leads 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Lincolnshire businesses seem to think that nationwide companies dominate the search engine rankings for their industry. In some cases they do, but they are easy to overtake as they do not have a local address and do not have the resources to monitor every town, city or county.

It like an awakening – once a Lincolnshire businesses realise they can steal valuable website traffic away from the many nationwide companies in their industry, they are converted.

Our proven strategies will get your website into the top three in the search engines.


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A Respected Lincolnshire SEO Agency That's Been Built By Referrals

Having run countless successful local SEO campaigns for our clients, we’ve been able to steadily grow our business through referrals. We pride ourselves on long term relationships with our clients and that’s why we, continually, put their website performance in the search engine results page above our profits.

Our SEO Services

Thor’s SEO services page covers everything in more detail but here is quick overview of what we offer:

  1. Local SEO Services
  2. Google My Business Optimisation
  3. SEO Copywriting – to improve website content and overall optimisation
  4. Google Ads/Google Adwords – PPC Management
  5. Social Media Ads
  6. Technical SEO audit and fixes
  7. Image Optimisation
  8. On Page SEO
  9. Off Page SEO
  10. Google Analytics Set Up – needed for User Behaviour analysis


If you are serious about your sites performance in the search engines, then get in contact. We can not help you until you decide to take action.

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A Free SEO Audit Is Pointless

Countless SEO agencies offer a free SEO audit. It’s free because it is automatically generated by a SEO software tool. There is not human thought process behind it.

An audit should take a good day to complete and do more than list the errors on your website. For Thor Digital, it should priorities the issues in order of effectiveness. What is going to have the biggest impact? It those issues that require fixing first. This is where a SEO experts earn their money.

SEO Tips To Help With Your Online Success

Here are a few pointers to help you. If you do not understand them you can either get in touch or do your own research by using Google Search or YouTube.

Technical SEO - Create A Solid Foundation For Your Online Success

Your site needs to be built on a solid foundation for it to have any success in the search engines.

Look at the following:

Page Speed - Website Loading Time

Use Google’s Page Speed Insights to see if there are any issue with your web design.

Your site must load within 3 secs, otherwise people will return back to Google Search to find another site.

Googles Page Insights

Google Analytics (GA)

Ensure GA is installed on your website and that is tracking phone call, contact form submissions, purchases, pdf downloads and email clicks.

Google Search Console (GSC)

Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console, which tells Google what pages are on your website.

GSC will also inform you of any errors with your website and tell you what keywords your site is ranking for.

And it is FREE.

Image optimisation/Meta Data

Ensure your images are keyword saved and they are below 200 MB. Any larger, will have a negative impact on page speed. For local SEO it is worth geotagging them.

Structured Data

Add Structured data such as Local Business and Organisation schema.

Duplicate Content

Look for duplicated pages, meta description and page titles and either change or remove them. Google hates duplicated content and takes a dim view on it.

Avoid Thin Content

Look for duplicated pages, meta description and page titles and either change or remove them. Google hates duplicated content and takes a dim view on it.

Pages under 500 words are considered low grade, which you need to avoid at all costs.

All of the above will help with your website performance in the search results.

on page SEO and backlinks

Content and On Page SEO

Any SEO service should offer this and it will help your digital marketing efforts.

Heading Tags

A bit like a main headline and sub headlines in articles. You need to write a catchy headline supported informative sub headlines. User behaviour has shown that people will scan an article first before reading it.

Keyword Research

For your website to be found by your target audience you need to research what phrases they are using to find you product and services. Researching keywords and then writing optimised content will ensure you website is found for all the correct searches.

Content Writing Tool

It’s worth investing in a content writing tool such as Surfer SEO. This will help you optimise your content for your targeted keywords. More importantly it will stop you from over optimising. As SEO specialists, this is one of our proven strategies.

Long-Form Content

Write long form content which can be broken down into micro content and published on all of your social media accounts. Your social media accounts have not direct impact on your rankings, but they will increase your brand awareness.

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surfer seo

Internal and External Links

The majority of SEO companies all agree that backlinks are critical for your online presence. It not quantity but quality that counts. A link from another website that is in the same category as your business is worth its weigh in gold.

Internally linking within your own website will help the power from the external links to distribute to other pages. It will also help the search engines crawl your website, finding new content.

Contact The SEO Agency That Cares

We are not a full spectrum digital marketing agency but can point you in the right direction. However, if you want to more leads from Google as part of your online marketing efforts, then we can help.

Please remember, we can not help you until you decide to take action and get in contact.