PPC Management - To Increase Sales & Profit

Cure your headache of managing all of your digital marketing by delegating us to do your PPC management.

PPC management services are often necessary for businesses that want to invest in Pay Per Click PPC advertising and increase their sales.

However, many businesses try managing Pay Per Click themselves and end up wasting time that they could have spent on generating revenue for their company.

41% of clicks go to the top three ads in the search results.

Why Task Thor Digital With Your New or Existing Campaigns?

As a PPC agency, we have the experience to manage budgets effectively, getting you the realistic targets you have set. Whether it’s Google or Bing Ads we’ll create ads that generate growth within your business.

Our personal service and is built around one thing – long term relationships. We pride ourselves on managing businesses PPC campaigns for years.

Not all PPC Agencies share the same ethos.

What Is PPC?

PPC is short for pay-per-click advertising. On Google, an advertiser will bid on particular keywords that they want to appear under when someone searches for them or similar terms.

Every time a user clicks on that ad, the business pays a small amount of money (the cost per click) and their ad appears at the top of Google.

It can also be referred to as paid search marketing.

ppc management

Pay Per Click is a Key Element To Your Businesses Digital Strategy

PPC is a major element of any digital strategy. It can be difficult to get your business off the ground by investing in other marketing channels, so PPC advertising makes sense for many new companies.

PPC ads are like renting the top spots in the search engines, whereas SEO is similar to paying a mortgage.

Google Ads Is The Very Top Of Google Search

A successful PPC campaign will put you at the top of Google. This is a great way to increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website or landing page.

The cost per click for this position can vary greatly depending on what industry you are in, how many competitors there are and other factors such as relevance and quality score.

Careful management of keywords is the key to success

Important Keywords And Relevance To Your Business

A successful PPC campaign will only work if you are targeting keywords that have a high likelihood of being used by your target audience.

Not using relevant keywords is one of the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to their PPC strategy.

Target Keywords is the key to success

A specialist PPC management company will have access to tools that allow them to research the most relevant keywords for your business.

They can also use their knowledge and expertise in this field when it comes to deciding which terms you should be using within your campaigns.

ahrefs local seo marketing
SEMRUSH Keyword Tool

Monthly keyword Analysis

Managing your keywords is critical for keeping your PPC campaign financially viable.

Consistently, refining your keyword research by actively looking for new keyword ideas and maintaining your negative keywords, will see an increase in sales and ROI.

Your Ad Campaigns must target the right keywords, otherwise, you’ll waste your budget.

We are always looking for new keywords that are worth targeting. Google updates its data every 10 days.

So, our marketing team are actively managing ad groups, ad extensions and going through competitive analysis.

Not Just Google Ads Management

PPC Ads can also include ads on Facebook, Bing and other social media sites.

You need to know where your audience is and adjust your ads accordingly.

facebook ads and bing ads

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media is necessary for businesses that create content and want to promote it.

With social media ads, you can offer discounts or free samples to generate leads.

Facebook’s targeting system is very advanced and allows you to reach the perfect audience by age, location, interests and much more.

Saving you money by targeting the right customers and increasing your brand awareness.

Why Choose A Pay Per Click Specialist?

Many businesses choose to outsource their pay per click management because they want to save time and avoid costly mistakes.

Many experts, including the Search Engine Journal, recommend hiring professional PPC managers.

For this reason; most business owners don’t have the time or knowledge required to manage a PPC campaign correctly.

This can lead to wasted money on clicks that may not be relevant.

Thor's Data-Driven Approach To PPC Campaign Management

Thor uses various tools to refine its PPC campaigns. These include the following:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Adwords Editor
  3. Moz Pro Tools & Rank Tracker


These tools are used by Thor’s team of experts on a daily basis, helping them keep track of their client accounts and constantly test and adjust for optimal results.

Continuous A/B Testing Ad Copy

Split testing allows you to test different ad copy against each other. This will allow for accurate data to be collected about which ads are performing the best so that they can be turned into permanent ads in your account, increasing ROI and cutting down on wasted ad spend.

Continuous testing with the Ad Group has been the key to our success.

Writing Compelling Ad Copy

Writing ad copy is another vital task that can make or break a PPC campaign. Thor’s experience in copywriting, writing compelling headlines and getting your potential customers to act on your calls to action will generate your business more money.

Directing customers to relevant content by bidding on specific keywords is key to implementing the right PPC strategy. Just give them exactly what they want, make it as frictionless as possible and you will achieve your business goals.

Directing Customers to Optimised Landing Pages

All PPC marketing must lead customers to beautifully crafted landing pages to convert them into leads. Landing pages need to be built with your customers in mind and should include the right content, information and CTA’s that will lead them further down your sales funnel.

Set Realistic PPC Goals

Marketing goals are crucial for the success of your business. Thor will set realistic PPC campaign objectives based on our previous experience and knowledge to ensure that they can be achieved within a certain time frame, making them more likely to happen!

We would need to know your key business metrics to do this accurately. Such as:

  1. LTV – Life Time Value of a Customer
  2. CAC – Customer Acquisition Costs
  3. ROAS – Return On Ad Spend
  4. ROI – Return on Investment
  5. Average deal Size
  6. Product Margins


Understanding the above data will enable us to get you, new customers.

What You Can Realistically Expect

Here are three realistic goals from our PPC Agency

  1. Increase in sales, phone calls or enquiry submissions.
  2. Generate more leads.

Brand Building, increasing the awareness within the market.

Listen To But Do Not Blindly Follow Google's

This is a PPC Management Agency Top Tip

Google will give you advice on how to run your PPC campaigns, but it is up to you as the business owner or manager to decide whether this makes sense for your company.

You may also have a different marketing budget from Google so their suggestions might not be relevant in that case. Sometimes, following Google’s guidelines can lead companies down the wrong path.

Google’s PPC Campaign generate over 85% of their revenue, their agent’s role is to ensure you always spend your ads budget.