Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO Services are for businesses that want as much free traffic from Google and other Search Engines as possible.

Be the first one they call when they need your type of service.

97% Of Users Searched On The Web To Find A Local Business

Your potential local customers use their phones, tablets, or desktops to find local businesses, such as yours. The days of using a physical directory, such as Yellow Pages or Thomson Local, to find a local business are gone.

Having local search visibility on Google, Bing, or Duck Duck Go not only makes sound business sense, but it’s also a must to thrive in the current digital world.

Which Business Would Benefit From Local Search Engine Optimisation?

There are two types of businesses that benefit from having a local presence online.

Those that visit customers houses, such as locksmiths, plumbers, electricians and roofers.

Then there are those businesses that have a physical presence and require customers to go to them, such as restaurants, Solicitors and florists.

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What % Of Customers Search Online before Visiting a Store, Shop or Restaurant?


That’s right, 70% of your potential customers will visit your location based on the information they find online.

Your business must appear in the local search results, and if they are not ringing or visiting you, they are ring or seeing your competitors.

Our local business SEO services will get you in front of that 70% in your local area.

Google My Business Is Local SEO, And It's FREE

Google My Business (G.M.B.) is a FREE business listing owned by the most powerful and used Search Engine – Google. Also known as Google Maps.

When your local audience searches for your product or service, Google will show the top three G.M.B. listings and being in the top three is where the money is for your business.


The majority of the searchers click first, and providing you have paid attention to Conversion Rate Optimisation and copywriting; you will get the sale or phone call first.

Our affordable local SEO services will get your business listing into the top three. By being there, you’ll receive free traffic from Google 24/7, 365 days of the year.

By focusing on local search engine optimization, you’ll transform your business, virtually everyone who has seen significant growth.

Being the first listing or website to appear when your local target audience is searching, coupled with your outstanding customer service, you will thrive in the current digital marketing era.

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5 x Top Local SEO Tips And A Bonus One At The End

  1. Look for as many local SEO citations as possible. Go to Google Search and type in the search bar “business directories +town or city”. Local listings are the key to getting you towards the tippy top of the Search Engine Results Pages on Google and Bing.
  2. When adding your business address to other local businesses online, ensure your N.A.P. (Name, Address and Phone the same as the one on your Google My Business page.
  3. Your website and G.M.B. page must be a perfect mirror of each other. Whatever services you have listed on your website must also be on your Google My Business listing.
  4. Write content based on local intent – such as local SEO consultant or locksmith near me.
  5. Get more reviews than your competitors – related more to conversion than local SEO, but it consistently has proven to work.


88% of customers look for online reviews before choosing their local services or local businesses

When you contact us, we can discuss local SEO best practices and how competitive the local search rankings are for your business.

24.4% Of All Users Clicks Are On The First Result in Local Searches

If you are on the top of the G.M.B. listing, then statistically, you will get 24.4% of the clicks – that’s almost a quarter of all the local customers for one keyword going to your website.

Image ranking at the top of Google for multiple search terms and what it could do for your business.

Aligning The Local Organic Search Result Stars

Local SEO Ranking Factors are very similar to national in international SEO. Your web pages must load in under 3 seconds – Google has confirmed page speed as one of their many ranking factors. Local SEO is not exempt from this.

Use Google Page Speed Insights or GTMetrixs to test your page speed. They’ll even tell you what you need to fix.

From our local SEO specialist, here are three stars you must align to start seeing an increase in your local rankings.

Local Keyword Research

Why rank high in local searches for one keyword/search term when you can rank for all search terms related to your business.

To achieve this, we need to find all keywords/search terms that relate to your business. All local SEO agencies refer to this as keyword research, and it answers the question, what are people typing into Google to find your product or services?

Keyword Research Tools

Often a local SEO agency will use various software tools, such as Ahrefs or SEMRUSH, to do their research, but these are expensive.

If you want to do your research, you should use Google Keyword Planner, accessible in your Google Ads Account.

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SEMRUSH Keyword Tool

Local Link Building

Local link building is a critical part of the Off-Page Local Optimization. Getting links from local business listings will add relevance and trust to your domain.

Sometimes this is referred to as a local SEO citation.

However, getting a link from another similar website is worth its weight in gold. So, a solicitors website linking to another solicitors site in the same area is a perfect link to get. Not always possible, but if your business covers different aspects of law, it’s more likely to happen.

Website Optimisation

Google doesn’t rank websites; it ranks web pages in line with what the searcher is looking for. At the heart of the optimisation is User Experience and how they interact with the page. If it’s a page that resembles a wall of text, the user will leave, giving a negative signal to Google.

It’s important the page is structured correctly, so the searcher remains on the site and either purchases your product or rings you. SEO Copywriting can help with this particular action.

Image Optimisation

As a local company, you’ll need to optimise your images for local searches, which help with your businesses local relevance.

Meaning you should save your images as one of the keywords you discovered in your research and add the same keyword as the Image Alt Text.

This helps with on-page optimisation, but it will also help you with image searches, which is important for restaurants, bars and florists.

What's Thor's Local SEO Strategy?

Over the years, we have developed a process, which is flexible around Google updates and cutting edge techniques we create from our testing sites.

Our local SEO campaigns fall into three phases which all of our local SEO packages cover.

Technical Audit

We’ll always start with a technical audit of your website. Having a technically sound website creates a solid foundation for all of the additional work that goes on afterwards. This includes Page Speed Optimisation.

Content And Keyword Review

A review of the website content and keywords will highlight if the site is targeting the right search terms and if the content is optimised for those keywords. A local SEO audit of content is a must.