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Do you want more leads, phone calls or product sales from Google and other Search Engines?

Are you frustrated with your current website rankings or search engine results?

If you have answered yes, to either of those questions, then please get in contact, as our team can help.

Is Search Engine Optimisation Right For Your Company?

If people are looking for your service or products online, then Yes, SEO is a critical requirement for your internet presence.

By looking at the data provided (keyword research)  by Google and Bing, we can find your target audience and align the visibility of your website to what users are searching for.

However, if no one is searching online for your product or service then our SEO services, including PPC, should be a part of your marketing strategy.

As a solution, we would recommend looking at social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter Ads to bring brand awareness to your business. Also, a carefully constructed digital PR campaign will increase visitors to the website, increasing your business’s exposure.

With realistic KPIs, open client communication and transparency, we have consistently delivered successful SEO campaigns. We always set realistic expectations.


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Our Process And Methods For Success?

Getting your website to the top end of the search results is simple but not necessarily easy as there are factors we can not control, such as your competitors’ website SEO strategy and Google’s algorithm updates.


With our expertise and ongoing SEO training our techniques and SEO strategies are constantly evolving to stay ahead of our and your business’s competition.

At Thor Digital, we have a three-step process, technical audit, content and backlinks.

audit by our seo team

Technical Audit of your Website - The Devil Is In The Detail

A technical/SEO audit will expose any weakness your website has, which is often a significant contributor to poor search engine visibility. There are a number of SEO tools that assist with this process, such as Screaming Frog and Ahrefs.

So, we find and fix any technical issues including Google penalties, broken links, large images and page speed/site speed.

As part of the audit, we assess the websites user experience to see if we can improve conversions, small improvements in navigation or copy can have a big impact on performance. The data from Google Analytics will also help in making informed decisions.

content and keywords

Content and Keywords - The Key To Getting Found For The Right Search Queries For Your Business

There are many challenges a site faces and landing pages with content that is targeting the right search query/queries is the important one to conquer.

Using Google Search Console, your Google My Business account and our SEO tools we can identify the following:

  • What keywords the site is currently ranking for.
  • Missing search terms that are relevant to your business.

Going through these two steps will enable us to develop a content marketing strategy, fill the gaps and drive more relevant traffic to the website.

link building

Link Building - The Essential To Getting More Website Traffic

Understanding that there are two types of links, which are essential for the foundations of success for your website – internal and external links.

Why Is Internal Linking So Important?

An internal link is where a web page hyperlinks to another web page on your own site via HTML (words).

It’s an important structure for your web design.

Careful investment in your internal linking will enable the Google Bot to crawl through the website efficiently.

The bot will only spend x amount of time on your site, the more efficient it is the more keywords and content it will find.

External Links – The Power Behind All Successful Websites That SEO Agencies Don’t Like To Admit

External links or backlinks are the heart of ranking highly in Google.

Other SEO companies and consultants will not admit this as they are scared of receiving a penalty.

But, as a dedicated SEO company, we have the know-how, experience to avoid upsetting Google.

Under our expert guidance and management, we will guide your site to the top whilst avoiding the Google jail.

Thor's SEO Services

Whether you are a CEO of a national company, Managing Director of a regional business or a tradesman, our services can be tailored to your companies requirements. 

We are not a full-spectrum marketing agency but a lead generator through SEO and Pay Per Click. This is what we provide:

  1. Local SEO Services including Google My Business optimisation
  2. National and international SEO
  3. E-commerce SEO
  4. Copy Writing for SEO
  5. Google Adwords – Pay Per Click (PPC)